Top Tips for Mother of The Bride & Groom

Finding the perfect outfit as Mother of The Bride or Groom can be an exciting but daunting prospect,however the team at Clothes Peg will help you find a special, not too traditional outfit to make you feel wonderful. We have put together some style advice to consider when making your choice.

Comfort is important, ensure you can stand,sit and dance in your dress.

Avoid having too many opinions we advise bringing one person you can trust and who you know will be honest. Trust us we want you to look stunning.

Keep an open mind on colour and don't be afraid to try a new shape. An outfit that flatters your figure and your skin tone will make you feel fabulous.

Remember your undergarments. Good, well fitting underwear is vital to make you feel confident.

Think elegant,understated and appropriate for hair and make up. Remember to reflect your own style.


February 27, 2017 by Eleanor Lennox